[Personal corner] My lab-mates

Here, my Advanced Material and Devices Lab of EE NCKU was located at Tzu-Chiang campus. Dr. Yeong-Her Wang is our advisor. He is distinguished enggineering professor from NCKU. He was professor of semiconductor devices, semicounductor devices physics, microvae devices and optoelectronics devices. He published 178  journal articles, and he spending time with us every day.  Now, our lab does work primarily in the field of semiconductor devices, and RF circuit design, and current projects include MOSHEMT, and TFT.   Our lab has 1 postdoctoral fellow, 23 PhD students,  and 17 master students. Wow ! It’s too big lab members.

Dr. Yu-Ju Lin is postdoctoral fellow in my lab. He lives in Kaohsiung. Every Saturday night, he going to his family, and return back at Sunday night. His research involves pentacene organic TFT. He is very kindly lab-mates. Sarbani Basu, and Pramod K. Singh are international student in our lab. They are Indian student and now they 5th year PhD student. They published 4 journals.  They enjoys working with GaN/AlGaN MOSHEMT and RF circuit MOSHEMT. Wen-Jen Lin is one of Prof. Mau-Phon Houng student. Some times, he share food with me. He likes Indonesian food. He is 2nd year PhD student.

In my opinion,  our lab mates have anything better to do. Because, they have well-rounded lives of my work.  I wanted to put a pictures of my lab-mates. However, I don’t really have any right now. Well, there is this one. This picture was taken when our prof birthday party. We went to famous Japan restaurant.